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The CDU IT CodeFair was founded in 2014 by Sami Azam, Barbara White and all IT Discipline faculty members through the support of Department of Corporate and Information Services (DCIS) initiated by Assoc Prof Krishnan Kannoorpatti. Since then, the CodeFair has grown every year with hundreds of IT students looking forward to the event made possible by the strong support of NT Government and local IT industry


Charles Darwin University’s IT Code Fair provides an opportunity to encourage and advocate students’ talent showcasing their work more broadly to the University and industry communities. This annual event contributes to promote awareness of education and training in Information Technology to local Middle and High School students including female and indigenous communities. The critical aspect of the code fair is to foster and establish relationships between IT students, industry, local government and community. At the same time, it allows students to use their creativity and skillsets in IT to solve local real-world business problems.


  • Significant exposure to key ICT event in NT;
  • Meet up with NT’s largest pool of your prospective employees;
  • Explore cutting-edge projects by CDU IT students;
  • and Enjoy networking opportunity with local government and fellow IT professionals.


Sami Azam

Senior Lecturer - Information TechnologyEIE - Information Technology

Suresh Thennadil

Lecturer - Information TechnologyEIE - Information Technology

Jamal El-Den

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer ITEIE - Information Technology

Charles Yeo

Senior Lecturer - Information TechnologyEIE - Information Technology

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One hundred and sixty entrants were registered for all competitions and challenges in 2019 CDU IT CodeFair .The profile of the entrants is comprising of 53% Postgraduates and 47% Undergraduates and VET
CDU IT CodeFair is now linked to NT Digital Excellence Awards. The Four Most Outstanding Entrants of the CDU IT CodeFair will join 2020 NT Digital Excellence Awards for the Overall Award for Most Outstanding Entrant
The year 2019 entrants outgrew the number five years ago by 789%. We are moving forward in IT education and training in response to NT's Digital Territory Strategy

At least two hundred participants from both universities, government and IT industry are expected to be present at the event